We connect film-makers from around the World with the most competent local department leaders to provide them with perfect conditions for their shoot, project by project, every single time.

While we maintain a close working relationship with all of our vendors who already proved their excellence, we relish challenges and are constantly on the look for new, cost effective solutions. We regularly search for new talents in all departments and are determined to serve you only the best and most suitable professionals to assist in creating your film.

We are well aware that challenges don’t always come in forms of scripts and treatments that will predictably involve heavy art department requests. Sometimes challenge also comes in the form of tight budgets.

We are certain that our decade-long experience prepared us well, for either.

Milan Szabo

Partner, Producer

After productive years of producing stills shoots, Milan joined Pioneer Productions in 2007. Besides producing, he was appointed managing director in 2014 and led hugely successful projects until 2019. While producing at Pioneer, among others he worked with directors such as Sam Brown, Hanna Maria Heidrich, Mark Jenkinson, Andreas Nilsson, David Sims, Tarsem Singh, Sean Thonson and with production companies such as: Believe Media, Biscuit Filmworks, Laura Holmes Production, Radical Media, Rogue Films or Supply and Demand.

Peter Magyar

Partner, Production Manager

Peter has had a career of several years as Production Manager. Worked on countless TVC shoots and also gained extensive experience on the feature film side. He had the chance to prove himself while working with film-makers such as the Academy Award winner Laszlo Nemes Jeles and Wally Pfister or Sam Brown, Leila and Damien De Blinkk, Romain Gavras, Yuji Kobayashi, Steve Rogers and Michael Spiccia and with production companies such as: Iconoclast, Persuade Content, Reset, Rogue Films, Somesuch or Wanda.

Milan and Peter founded Lions in 2019.